Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Ceremony was held today (11/17) for the presentation of comprehensive performance awards, reports and individual sustainability awards. National Chung Hsing University (“NCHU”) issued the Sustainability Report for the first time and participated in the award activity. It was affirmed by the “University Sustainability Report Award – Gold Award”. It stood out among the 29 participating schools, demonstrating that the efforts of all NCHU teachers and students in university governance, social participation and environmental governance have been seen by the jury.

The Sustainability Report of National Chung Hsing University is issued in both Chinese and English, and the information is disclosed on the USR Information Platform-Sustainability Report Area (https://usr.nchu.edu.tw/sustainability) to provide for domestic and overseas stakeholders and interested persons from all walks of life to browse for reference. The report records major achievements in university governance, social participation and environmental governance, responds to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and exposes related efforts and results. It is hoped that SDGs will take root through the power of education whereby sustainability can be really implemented.

Since November 2020, National Chung Hsing University’s University Affairs Coordination Committee and USR Promotion Committee meeting have initiated the compilation of the report. The report was compiled in accordance with the GRI 100, GRI 200, GRI 300, and GRI 400 series standards launched by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and Ernst & Young Taiwan was appointed to conduct third-party certification. After the USR Promotion Committee meeting resolution was adopted, the report was officially released in June 2021.


National Chung Hsing University Issued the First Sustainability Report, Setting a Model of Sustainability by Action