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  • Dedication

    SDGs Team Principal investigator Introduction
    “Stray LOHAS”: Stray Animals Reduction and Fulfilment of Welfare Project NCHU Vice president
    Distinguished Professor
    Jenn-Wen Huang

    We promote animal welfare and solve the problem of excess strays in Taiwan.

    1. Implement rural area neuter action to reduce the number of stray animals

    2. Vaccinate stray animals in shelter to prevent rabies and other diseases

    3. Provide opportunities for students to gain clinical experience

    4. Hold activities to promote animal welfare concepts through cross-school collaboration


  • Sprout

    SDGs Team Principal investigator Introduction
    Community Empowerment Project for Qingliu Aboriginal Village:
    Solar Energy, Local Industry, and Cultural Retrieval
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Associate Professor
    Ching-Ming Lai
    Taking the Qing-liu tribe as observation, integrating human history and natural landscape from the perspective of the eco-museum, trying to shape the value and connotation of culture from the local perspective of the tribe, this process will inevitably become a social practice of cross-domain innovation. This project integrates academic capacity, investing the deep cultivation of local culture and agricultural transformation and development of the Qingliu tribe in Huzhu Village, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County. It will be undertook in four directions, Satoyama energy, digital cities, placemaking and a Soka Gakkai International, in an tempt to connect and stimulate the energies of various ethnic groups such as the Seediq in Qing-liu village, fulfilling social responsibilities, and fostering local industries and cultural development. The overall project will be implemented in short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans, even year by year. First, the Qing-liu village in Huzhu Village, Renai Township, was selected as the target of service, allowing participating teachers and students to naturally form a cross-field, cross-departmental education and learning team, combining resources such as community groups, local industries, and governments for an alternative learning place outside of classroom.

  • Hub

    SDGs Team Principal investigator Introduction
    Rebuild Arcadia

    Institute of Professional Development for Educators

    Assistant Professor

    Hui-Chuan Pai

    Turn around the problems of population aging, emigration of youth population, unfavorable cultural stimulation of schoolchildren, and agricultural products without obvious characteristics in Maming community of Waipu District, Taichung.
    Intergenerational horticulture service program

    Department of Horticulture


    Chen-Fa Wu

    Train the elders through moderate gardening activities (such as actual hands-on cultivation of vegetables, grass and flowers, and maintenance of planting), and pair up with long-term care, so that the elders can get higher-quality care and improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.
    Morningstar Land Industry Counseling Program for Industry by Zhuoshui Creek

    Graduate Institute of Bio-Industry Management


    Shu-Chun Chang

    With the counseling on indigenous community land special product as the main axis, supplemented by counseling on indigenous community industry characteristic and cluster production landscape planning, establish indigenous community characteristic brands and promote local revitalization in Xinyi Township, Nantou County.
    Old Downtown on Taiwan Avenue-for STEAM Education

    Department of Physics


    Yuen-Wuu Suen

    Propose new consumption models and operating mechanisms, and use STEAM robot education and extension as one of the ways to activate business circles.
    The Satoyama of home village-friendly production of country chickens for economic development in aboriginal tribe

    Department of Animal Science


    Shuen-Ei Chen

    Establish a chick supply base to guide the production, breeding and marketing of native chickens by indigenous people to achieve circular agriculture and smart agriculture.

  • Seed

    SDGs Team Principal investigator Introduction